After failed attempts to have an animated version made, my little picture book “Adventures with Alfonso ” in the shape of a dummy book had been lying around in the back of a drawer.
For around 25 years….

Time passes by unhindered .

After retiring, I started looking around for a publisher and following a few rejections Pegasus publishers took it on exactly as it was/is, no requests for changes or alterations, which pleased me enormously.
After a lengthy process the book is now ready to be published.

The publication date is the 25th of June.
The book is available worldwide, through bookshops, online, Amazon or directly from the publishers

As mentioned before, I have written a series of 3 more adventures with Alfonso for animation inclusive the artwork, of 13 episodes each. (1992) This series follows Alfonso and friends as they take humans to task over their utter disrespect for this planet and beyond.
Doing so in a most inventive and humorous way.

I worked in partnership with a professional script & screenwriter friend who is an art director in the film industry.
The pilot episode was about to be made when a tragic event halted any further work.
It has yet to be made.

Now the little book is finally published, hereby presenting my little friend Alfonso. I hope you get to read it and will enjoy the pictures, regardless of your age.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the illustration work in the book.

By Elsa Houghton

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