Artist’s Statement

Lynne cannot remember a time when she did not draw and has been painting for most of her life.  She graduated from Wolverhampton University with a degree in fine art illustration in 2000.  The original intention was to work as an illustrator but after graduating she was lured into teaching and has been there ever since.  Teaching adults to paint and to explore their creativity has been a great source of satisfaction, and she is interested in the therapeutic possibilities inherent in making art.  However it is of equal importance to her to continue to develop her own work.  She is constantly inspired by the natural world and the relationship we have with the earth.  Whilst many years were spent working realistically, images of wildlife and landscape soon gave way to purely abstract work.  Although a little realism creeps back from time to time, she finds that abstract painting best describes what she wants to say.  Work frequently centres on abstract images inspired by the natural world using mixed media, built up of many layers and textures.  Recently she has been concerned with exploring the properties of paint, while continuing to experiment with colour and texture.