Since our local library in Kinver, West Midlands, UK, became a community library run by volunteers, I have been running a small group called Knot, Knit & Natter. We meet twice each month for a 2 hour session, we knit, crochet, sew, embroider, make patchwork, the list goes on!

Obviously due to recent circumstances brought about by the Corona Virus we can no longer meet but we keep in touch via our Messenger group. Over the past 2 days, members of the group have made dozens of bags for nurses to place their uniforms and shoes in after their shifts so that they can safely transport them home to launder. It’s been an inspiration to see just how quickly the women, and I must add, one man, have worked to provide these essential items during this time of crisis.

Due to being in quarantine over the past 14 days, I have recorded my time through embroidery. I have sewn 1 section of a wheel each day, focussing on something that has moved me or made me feel very grateful for the world around me.

Medicine Wheel. Recording 14 Days of Quarantine
Medicine Wheel. Recording 14 Days of Quarantine

I have shared my work daily in groups on social media, and with my library group and have had hundreds of heartwarming comments from all over the world. It has given me great pleasure to know that so many people have watched my progress and have looked forward to my ‘next instalment’. I might continue along similar lines for the duration of the lock down, recording the time through sewing.

I started my group at the library for many reasons, one being my desire to help alleviate social isolation and to address loneliness. Now that we are all, in varying degrees, in isolation I am glad that I can continue to connect with so many people and encourage them to come together and share their skills and stories in any way that I can.

By Marie Roberts

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