MA Art and Education, BA (Hons.) Fine Art


Mixed Media

Artist’s Statement

We are conscious beings, comprised of 37.2 trillion cells, forming a human body, connected to one another, on the planet earth, in the solar system, in the universe, and beyond. My art is an extension of this expression. 

I started working in clay in 2018 driven by an urgent necessity to sculpt, having, finally, found my voice, after many absent years. I love the human form and want to capture it, in its various stages of life. These sculptures have symbolic significance, they are the first in a series titled, Transformed from Dust.  I love the expressive, tactile nature of clay and the beauty and frustration of working with this material, which I seek to yield to my will. What excites me is the  process of forming something out of nothing; bringing something into existence. 

Georgia works for Headway Black Country – Specialist Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services, helping service users adjust emotionally and psychologically to surviving an acquired brain injury. She has a keen interest in the therapeutic approach to art-making and is carrying out research into visual art and acquired brain injury rehabilitation.

Georgia also accepts commissions.