All of us at Take 13 are thrilled to have had a double page spread about our women’s collective in a glossy magazine called Select.

We’re always on the look-out to promote the artistic talent of our 13 artists, alongside exhibitions, and Select provided the perfect opportunity. The write-up included stunning photographs of work by eight of our members; and what eclectic examples they were: from mosaics and mixed media to stunning clay heads.

A group member was engrossed by the glossy magazine picked up at random, and the idea of approaching the team at Select was considered at our monthly exchange of ideas. The resulting article is now available for any of Select’s 23,000 readers to see alongside in-depth features, travel pages, art reviews and so much more.

The magazine is published bi-monthly and Take13 features in the December/January issue. It covers the Dudley and Wolverhampton area and is free to registered households and also available at premium outlets, golf-club, restaurants and local businesses. It’s well worth thinking about having a copy delivered, you won’t be disappointed by this modern, glossy publication.

Select magazine open, showing Take13 article

by Christina Philpott

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