No, ‘another brick in the wall’ is nothing to do with Lego! If you haven’t heard of plastic bricks you will very soon. 

When Take 13 member, Ilona Bryan, heard of ecobricks through a local Friends of the Earth Group, she decided to have a go. At a recent meeting she gave us a fascinating demonstration of this innovative re-cycling method. It is an ethical way to recycle plastic that doesn’t break down. 

Image of eco bricks

If you want to be involved in saving the Planet this is the way forward! All those bits of plastic can now go inside those pesky soft-drink bottles and become the new ‘ecobricks’. 

These are durable, water-resistant and last from now to infinity. Plastic can have a less negative impact on society, and be turned into something to benefit communities in this country, and all over the world from Birmingham to Bogata; from sheds to school rooms. There are drop off points all over the UK.

It’s easy, simply fill a plastic bottle full of dry, clean plastic material; sweet wrappers, push out tablet holders, freezer bags and even black plastic, the list is endless. Compact these down firmly with a stick until the bottle is solid.

Members of Take 13 will consider other possible ‘arty’ applications from now on!

by Christina Philpott

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