Later this year, a children’s picture book written and illustrated by me, Elsa Houghton, will be published. It is called : “Adventures with Alfonso” and is meant for 4 year olds and upwards. I created the story a long time ago and have only recently looked into having it published.

Before I was satisfied with the final images I did lots of drawings and experiments to develop the characters, settings and so on.

Sometimes this preliminary work is more lively and exciting than the finished illustrations because everything is still open, no pressure yet for it to be just right, that certain freedom clearly seen in the mark making.

So here is some of that “back-up” work you may find interesting. The finished work that came from that will be in the book. The publishing date will be posted on this website .

1 Alfonso 2 Dark moon dogs 3 Starmaker 2007 4 Alfonso on the dark moon 5 Transformation 6 First drawing moon dogs 7 Working out hands and feet

by Elsa Houghton

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