Take 13 is a group of professional artists who combine their practice with other commitments.  The group is diverse in the work they create, ranging from painting, both abstract and representational, to printmaking, drawing, textiles, mosaics and sculpture.

Our Artists

Take 13 artist Beth Taylor working

Beth Alexandra Taylor

Beth Alexandra is a contemporary artist who is inspired by the exploration of her identity – predominantly through the beauty of nature, the body, and imageries of the Earth. After obtaining a degree in Fine Art, Beth specialises in representational artworks and achieves a sense of realism; yet she fragments these realities through composition, hidden symbolisms, and mixed media processes. She favours working with pencil crayons, acrylic paints and collage.

Image of Take 13 artist Christina

Christina Philpott

Christina’s large abstract works are sometimes painted instinctively without any definite aim or conscious decision. Her works have a strong element of the casual but at the same time are deeply considered. Her inspiration can come from a dream, a conversation, poetry or a juxtaposition of colour. A freedom of handling of the paint and brushstrokes lend to an exuberance of style and a feeling of buoyancy leading the viewer to see the world as a good place. 

Image of Elsa in her studio

Elsa Houghton

Elsa’s ideas for an image are always explored through drawing and those ideas are mostly a combination of the “real” and the imagination.  Composition is very important to Elsa, as it plays a big part in the way a work engages the viewer.

Image of Take 13 artist Gabby

Gabrielle Gavin

Gabby works in several art forms such as acrylic, oil & cold wax. Gabby is a new member, a more detailed statement will be added.

Image of Take 13 artist Georgia working

Georgia Belfont

Georgia is a sculptor working in clay, glass and mixed media. Her subject is the internal and external landscape of the body. Questions of existence and the phenomenon of faith underpin her work. In a world torn apart by violence, hatred and greed, Georgia wants to celebrate the value and beauty of life and human existence in all its diversity.

Image of Helen in her studio

Helen Owen

Helen’s work is influenced by nature, pattern or personal experiences. It is her intention to involve the viewer, by creating a visual impact through the use of colour, pattern or optical illusion.

Image of Janet in her studio

Janet Glazier

Janet’s paintings have been influenced by Howard Hodgkin’s description of himself as a representational painter of emotional situations.  In her works, colour and pattern are used to evoke complex feelings of a particular place and time.

Image of Judy in her studio

Judy Reece

Memory is a fascinating concept; many things can evoke a response.  Judy’s images hint rather than being obvious.  She hopes to encourage the viewer to be absorbed and make their own discoveries.

Linda Thornton

Linda uses natural fabrics and applique to create her pictures. Her inspiration come from the changing seasons and the natural world here in the UK.

Lynne Sawyer

Lynne’s work stems from a strongly felt connection to the earth, which is a constant source of inspiration. She works in a range of media, both abstract and representational, using many layers and textures.

Maggie Holmes

Maggie is a contemporary abstract painter who lives in Stratford upon Avon where she works in her garden studio. In 2011 she obtained a Fine Arts degree at Wolverhampton  University. She works with acrylics and mixed media and her work is often influenced by nature and the use of colour.

Image of Margaret in studio

Marie Roberts

Having studied sculpture, and lecturing in the subject, Marie has recently returned to painting. Mixed media images that are inspired by nature and the real world become visual stories, influenced by myth and folklore.

Image of Marie in her studio

Sarmite Lasmane

Sarmite enjoys inspiring others with her vision of the world through her work. She designs all her own rugs and wall hangings. Each design has its name, depending on what she sees in that particular design. She is mainly inspired by nature, but is also fascinated by contemporary architecture.