13 Contemporary Women Artists

   Painting, Printmaking, Mixed media, Mosaic, Textiles & Photography

Georgia Belfont                                                                                                               

Georgia Belfont

MA Art Education, BA (Hons.) Fine Art

Georgia’s practice covers drawing, sculpture and painting and explores the relationship between art, religion and identity. Questions of existence: life, birth, death, mind, body, soul and spirit underpin her work. The process of creating images made up of lines, marks and textures to create the illusion of depth, space and form, remains an exciting challenge for her. Focusing on the internal landscape of the body, she combines cellular and planetary forms to create a liberating form of artistic experience that she hopes blurs the boundaries between representational and abstract art. She does not seek to represent or imitate appearance in a realistic manner but to achieve its effect through an embodied sensory experience.

Georgia works for Headway Black Country - Specialist Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services, helping service users adjust emotionally and psychologically to surviving an acquired brain injury. She has a keen interest in the therapeutic approach to art-making and is carrying out research into visual art and acquired brain injury rehabilitation.